September 15-19, 2021, Opatija, Croatia



Participants are invited to submit abstracts or integral papers, carefully edited, in the research fields related to the announced Topics. Any participant may submit only two abstracts or papers. Participant can be first author of only one paper.

IMPORTANT: Please consider the principal that no contribution will be included in the Proceedings in the case of Conference fee nonpayment (one fee – one author – one paper).



The body of Abstract should be written in Make Submission module consisting of these headings: Introduction/Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusions, References (up to three). Abstract must not exceed 350 words.



If author wants to participate with Paper in Conference Proceedings, in the Submission module, author can Upload Paper.  APA editing style is recommended for all contributions. No foot-notes are allowed. Note that Paper should be uploaded at the time of registration and first submission, not later in time. In the Abstract section during registration write "Participation with paper"

Size and format:

The uploaded paper should not exceed maximum of 6 pages (including abstract, body of the text, tables, figures or any other graphical illustrations, and references). The „page” here means: A4 size; all four external margins set at 3 cm. Arial (AR), character size 10 in the body of the text, spaced 1.5; Arial Narrow (AN) in tables, character size 9, single-spaced. Justified on both sides of the text.


Print the Title of the paper in capital letters (AR, 14 pts, bold, spaced 1.5), centered; a single blank line follows. Please, do not write any personal and university information in the uploaded Paper, these data should be presented in the Submission module on General and author information. Each paper should consist of a title, keywords, abstract (not more than 250 words, text without headings), the body of the text and the references. The body of the text should be divided into sections with Subtitles (AR, 11pts, bold, current, justified on the left, preceded by one blank line), for the experimental studies: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, (Acknowledgements), References.

APA editing style is recommended for all contributions. In the text, the references should include the family names of the authors and the year of publication; when three and more authors are referred to, introduce the first author and use the abbreviation „et al.”; at the end the contribution, the references should be listed alphabetically. Please, do not number the sections or subsections.

Tables, graphs and figures:

Black and White illustrations should be incorporated in the body of the text. Tables (Arial Narrow, 10 pts; referred in the text as Table and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in a single series). Please, be sure to send editable tables (not in the format of the picture). Each illustration must have its title, caption and all description in English language. Graphs, pictures and photographs (referred to in the text as Figures and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in a single series), all black and white (do not use heavy black, please), should be of good quality (digital photographs of at least 300 dpi; .jpeg or .tiff format). So, be sure that your block diagram or curves are legible. NO COLOURED ILLUSTRATIONS ARE ALLOWED.



POSTERS, preferably measuring 100 x 70 cm, will be on display during the Conference. They should be structured in the same manner as the papers but MUST be easily legible from a distance of at least 2 metres. All issues concerning the layout of posters are the responsibility of the authors.



As our previous conferences were indexed in Web of Science Core Collection, we are anticipating that the 9th Conference Proceedings will be indexed there as well.



Contributors who will be younger of 33 years of age in 2020 have the opportunity to participate in the Miloš Mraković Young Researchers Award contest. The Conference on Kinesiology has established  the Miloš Mraković Young Researcher Award (YRA) to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of young investigators in the various fields of kinesiology / sport science and adjacent scientific fields.
The YRA candidates will present their works within the designated sections as scheduled in the Scientific Programme, either as a podium (oral) or a poster presentation. Three winners (best papers) will be chosen by the Miloš Mraković YRA Committee. They will receive monetary awards and honorary scrolls. The award ceremony will be held during the Closing Plenary Session.

Eligibility Requirements

• The award may be assigned to a single author or to a team of authors for the merit of the Paper (not Abstract) submitted to be included in any of the announced Topics sections of the Conference.
• Candidates are only eligible if they are under or 33 years of age in 2020. No member of the team of authors may be older than 33 years. While registering, do not forget to indicate authors date of birth in the comment section.
• The paper must not have been presented previously at other conferences nor published in a peer-reviewed journal at the time of presentation.
• A team of authors will share the award among themselves.


Papers of the candidates will be judged using the following criteria:
• Scientific originality of the paper.
• Quality of both the paper and the presentation, either a podium or a poster one.
• Quality of the theoretical and methodological approach.
• Relevance to practice or importance of scientific findings.
• Design and realization of the experiment.


Tick the Young Researcher Award box in the Submission form when registering for the 9th Conference on Kinesiology.