University of Zagreb

Faculty of Kinesiology

Laboratory for Water Sports

LABORATORY HEAD: Full professor Goran Leko


• the laboratory operates within the Department of Water Sports.

• facility and the equipment of the Laboratory are also used as part of regular classes in the course Swimming and Water Sports, as well as for the elective module – Swimming and elective course – Diving

• the equipment of this Laboratory is also used for scientific research in the field of water sports.

• part of the equipment is for testing in water, while the other part is used for testing outside the water.

• athlete diagnostics is closely related to other segments of the KIF Sports Diagnostic Center, and in case of need for diagnostics that includes measurements of oxygen intake or maximum oxygen intake, one of the air analysis devices is used within other parts of the Institute.

The equipment which is used covers a large portion of basic and specific tests in the field of water sports and it includes the following:

• swimming ergometer (Biokinetic)
• dynamometers
• underwater cameras
• training programming software and biomechanical analysis
• determination of lactate curve (cruise control, lactometers, heart rate monitors)
• equipment for the training process (heart rate monitors, tempo instruments, fins, respirators, buoys, etc.)