University of Zagreb

Faculty of Kinesiology

Laboratory for Audiovisual Technology in Kinesiology

LABORATORY HEAD: Full professor Ljubomir Antekolović

LABORATORY DESCRIPTION (research area - strategic directions):

Introduction of systems and applications for motion analysis in kinesiology. Defining different protocols using new technologies, which includes audio and video devices and appropriate software solutions.

Application of different systems for movement analysis in order to determine the competitive efficiency, proper performance of movements. The use of the protocol is adapted to laboratory, field and online conditions for the acquisition and processing of materials.

Design and validation of optimal video analysis packages for different areas of applied kinesiology.

Development of educational photo and video materials, e-publications with the aim of raising the level of applicability of various systems of audiovisual protocols for the needs of scientific and professional work in the field of kinesiology.

MEASURING DEVICES (Šestar - database of scientific instruments

• 2 Panasonic HC-X920 camcorders

• 2 Panasonic DMC FZ 200 cameras

• 1 Sony RX 10 / II camera

• APAS software package for 2D / 3D motion analysis


• Video analysis

• 2D / 3D analysis

• Kinovea software package for video analysis version 0.8.15