University of Zagreb

Faculty of Kinesiology

Laboratory for Sports Games

LABORATORY HEAD: Full professor Damir Knjaz, Assist. prof. Tomislav Rupčić

ASSOCIATES: Full professor Bojan Matkovic, Full professor Branka Matkovic, Full professor Lana Ružić, Full professor Ljubomir Antekolović, Marijo Baković, Ph.D.

The laboratory also cooperates with other world-renowned scientific institutions such as: Penn State University (USA), The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (Oslo, Norway), Comenius University, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (Bratislava, Slovakia). , Masaryk University, Faculty of Sports Studies (Brno, Czech Republic); Beijing Sport University (Beijing, China), etc. Also, the laboratory cooperates with many manufacturers of scientific diagnostic and sports equipment (MICROGATE, SKLZ, SAMSUNG) and for their needs conducts validation and testing of the same.


• established with the aim of conducting scientific research in the field of sports games, on the basis of which several papers have been published in scientific journals, and at the same time doctoral dissertations from various research areas are in the process of being prepared.

• The laboratory is also trained to carry out diagnostic procedures in the field of top sports

• implementation of specific field measurements with regard to the characteristics of a particular sportdation and testing of the same.


• OPTOJUMP - optical system for measuring kinematic parameters of contact with the ground such as reflection height, duration of contact with the ground, flight time

• GYKO - determination of the duration of the concentric and eccentric phase during a certain motor action or through standardized protocols for assessing the degree of dynamic equilibrium

• WITTY (GATE) - photocells used for the purpose of measuring transient times and the final result in tests in which the main observed variable is time

• WITTY (SEM) - used to assess basic and specific agility, reaction time, speed, coordination

• POLAR (M400, V800, H7, H10) - heart rate meters

• Bodymetrix - a system that uses ultrasound technology to assess the proportion of subcutaneous fat and muscle mass

• SCOUT + - lactometer for the purpose of determining the concentration of lactate in the blood

• Panasonic GH5, Garmin Virb and GoPro - video cameras for analysis of specific motor movements during the process of acquiring and improving certain motor knowledge

• diagnostic devices for scientific research in the field of basketball (94 fifty SMART SENSOR BASKETBALL - smart ball; DR. DISH - basketball cannon)

• XSENS Awinda - a kinematic system for the analysis of spatial-temporal parameters that is used in real time and collects data at a frequency of 60Hz

• XSENS Link - a kinematic system for the analysis of spatial and temporal parameters that can be used in real time, but also without a direct connection to a computer and collects data at a frequency of 240Hz

• Novel insoles - insoles for measuring the size and distribution of foot pressure on the surface, applicable in several types of footwear


• 2018 - 2019 - in cooperation with HEP - "Defining and modeling new diagnostic methods in the procedures of assessing and improving the quality of skiers and ski equipment"

• 2017 - 2018 - in cooperation with HEP - "Optimization of the process of learning motor skills in alpine skiing"

• 2016 - 2017 - in cooperation with HEP - "Influence of anthropological characteristics and specific motor skills on situational and competitive efficiency in alpine skiing"

• 2016 - 2019 - in cooperation with HKS - "Defining kinematic parameters in the space of specific motor skills in basketball"

• 2016 - 2019 - "Influence of physiological load on changes in some kinematic parameters when performing specific motor skills in the field of basketball"

• in addition to the above projects, the Laboratory for Sports Games also conducts diagnostic measurements in various sports - basketball, football, handball, judo, skiing, etc., and specific field measurements in cooperation with HAKS (Croatian Auto and Karting Association)