University of Zagreb

Faculty of Kinesiology


LABORATORY HEAD: Assoc. prof. Mario Kasović


• Biomechanical methodology is the basis of the study and understanding of human movement, as it is approached within kinesiology and sports science

• for this purpose, spatial (3D) kinematics, substrate reaction and multichannel surface electromyography (EMG) are measured, with processing and analysis of the following signals

• movements as measured are analyzed in certain circumstances and diagnosed: 1) human gait, where gait analysis is a method that is becoming increasingly standard in medical applications, 2) different patterns of movement encountered in everyday human activities, and 3) movement patterns in sports activities

• it is possible to measure and estimate approximately static body positions

• the aim of the research can be, for example, to assess the performance of sports performance (at the kinematic, kinetic and / or neuromuscular level), or muscle fatigue that develops during static and dynamic physical exertion



• basic measuring instrumentation: automated 3D kinematic measuring system with 8 cameras ELITE-BTS, piezoelectric measuring platform KISTLER, 8-channel telemetry surface electromyography TELEMG-BTS (computer supported)

• 4-channel portable EMG device MEGA

• ZEBRIS pedobarograph

• KINECT kinematic sensor

• individual elements of virtual reality (VR) technology such as the OCULUS RIFT helmet



• International project: "The Effect of Wearing School Bags on Children's Movement Apparatus" in cooperation with the Faculty of Sports Studies in Brno, Czech Republic,

• International project: "Pohybová aktivita, kognitivní funkce a vybrané aspekty zdannosti dětí ve věku 10 - 11 let" in cooperation with the Faculty of Sports Studies in Brno, Czech Republic

• International project: "Asymmetry of mechanical loading in sports gymnastics" in cooperation with the Faculty of Sports Studies in Brno, Czech Republic

• Project with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia: "The impact of carrying a school bag on the health of primary school children", in progress

• Project: "The impact of fitness and quality of life on the biomechanical parameters of gait of the elderly", in progress

• Project: "Pedobarographic indicators of situational performance of members of the Ministry of the Interior", in progress

We are members of the "Center of Excellence for Computer Vision" (at the University of Zagreb) and the "Coordination Committee for the Development of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Zagreb".