University of Zagreb

Faculty of Kinesiology


5-year-long INTEGRATED UNDERGRADUATE AND GRADUATE UNIVERSITY STUDY OF KINESIOLOGY at completion of which students acquire the academic title of MASTER OF KINESIOLOGY.

After completion of the integrated undergraduate and graduate university study of kinesiology,students acquire the necessary competences for teaching Physical Education classes at all levels of education (from preschool to higher
education), as well as the academic title of MASTER OF KINESIOLOGY.
In choosing one of the modules that students enrol in the 7th semester and then take until the completion of their studies (sports, sports recreation, kinesitherapy, sports management), students also acquire competences for working
in one of the mentioned areas of applied kinesiology: SPORTS, SPORTS RECREATION, KINESITHERAPY, SPORTS MANAGEMENT.


Holder of the study programme: University of Zagreb 
Type of holder's institution: public university 
Performer of the study programme: Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb 
Type of study programme: university study
Description: Integrated undergraduate and graduate study
Duration: 5.0
Number of ECTS credits: 300.0
Scientific branch: social sciences
Scientific field: kinesiology
Academic title or academic degree without indicating the profession: Master
Place of the study programme's realization: Zagreb