University of Zagreb

Faculty of Kinesiology


SPECIALIST GRADUATE PROFESSIONAL STUDY (4 semesters)after which students acquire the academic title of Professional Specialist of the Coaching Profession. Students who graduate at the 3-year-long coach education professional study can directly enrol to the mentioned study, namely, to the study field that they completed as part of the professional study. After completion of the specialist graduate professional study, students acquire the highest level of professional competence for working in the selected sport, sports recreation, physical conditioning of athletes or fitness. They also acquire an additional 120 ECTS credits and the corresponding academic title of Professional Specialist (ex. in track-and-field, basketball, football, swimming, etc.; in physical conditioning of athletes; in sports recreation or in fitness) that is used together with the professional title acquired by completing the professional study. 
Attendants who complete the specialist graduate professional study for coach education do not acquire teaching competences and they may not, under any circumstances, obtain the right to be employed and work in the teaching process in educational institutions. In the academic year 2015/2016, a total of 116 students graduated at the Coach Education Study Centre. Most of these students (112) acquired the Professional title of Bachelor of the Coaching Profession, while four students acquired the professional title of Professional Bachelor of the Coaching Profession.
During the academic year 2015/2016, a total of 605 students enrolled (at all levels of the study, in all study fields and semesters) at the Coach Education Study Centre.