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Kinesiological Analysis of Sailing
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Kinesiological Analysis of Sailing
Code: 123722
ECTS: 7.0
Lecturers in charge: izv. prof. dr. sc. Nikola Prlenda
Lecturers: Mladen Vladetić , pred. - Lectures

Dario Kliba , prof. - Exercises of applied kinesiology
Zoran Špoljarić , mag.cin. - Exercises of applied kinesiology
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1. komponenta

Lecture typeTotal
Lectures 30
Exercises of applied kinesiology 30
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
2.1.Course objectives
To provide students with the basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills about the moving structures, teaching and training methods, and to establish criteria for the acquisition level quality evaluation of sailing techniques. To point out the application values of enumerated sports in the field of physical education, physical recreation and agonistics.
2.2.Course enrolment requirements and entry competences required for the course
Completed Water Sports course.
2.3.Learning outcomes at the level of the programme to which the course contributes
Based on acquired knowledge from the Kinesiological analysis course students will be able to successfully demonstrate, define, and analyze particular sailing techniques in particular sailing class and to competently evaluate the acquisition level of a certain sailing technique - sailing class.
2.4.Learning outcomes expected at the level of the course (4 to 10 learning outcomes)
Within the elective module Sailing, by completing the Kinesiological analysis course, students will acquire knowledge on:
- basic kinesiological and anthropological characteristics;
- structure analysis of a particular sailing class (singlehanded, doublehanded and multihanded);
- biomechanical analysis of sailing in particular sailing classes
- functional analysis of sailing in particular sailing classes
- anatomical analysis of sailing in particular sailing classes
- technical and tactical demands of sailing in different sailing classes
2.5.Course content broken down in detail by weekly class schedule (syllabus)
Lectures (30 classes)
1.The history, organization and the rules of the sailing regattas in the world and in Croatia, the influence of the rules on the evolution of the vessels and regattas types, active rules and refereeing (4L)
2.Kinesiological analysis and motor improvements of sailing techniques, analysis of moving structures in different sailing classes (singlehanded, doublehanded and multihanded) (4L)
3.Kinesiological analysis of changing sailing direction in the windward quadrant (2L)
4.Kinesiological analysis of changing sailing direction in the leeside quadrant (2L)
5.Kinesiological analysis of changing sailing direction from one tack to the other in the windward quadrant (2L)
6.Kinesiological analysis of changing sailing direction from one tack to the other in the leeside quadrant (2L)
7.Biomechanical analysis, the characteristics of sailing: singlehanded, doublehanded and multihanded (kinematic, dynamic, anatomical and the structure of phases) (2L)
8.The types of competitions, Olympic triangle, navigational sailing (2L)
9.The analysis of start techniques and tactics, windward leg (triangle, pole), half-stern and stern legs, the finish (4L)
10.Methods, procedures and measuring instruments for the analysis of sailing. Video and visual analysis of the sailing technique: onehanded, twohanded and multihanded (2L)
11.The evaluation of technical and tactical acquisition level quality of competition sailing in different classes and regattas legs (4L)
Exercises (30 classes)
1.Kinesiological analysis and motor skill improvement of sailing techniques in onehanded sailboat (2E)
2.Kinesiological analysis and motor skill improvement of beating windward (doublehanded, multihanded) (2E)
3.Kinesiological analysis and motor skill improvement of bearing away (doublehanded, multihanded) (2E)
4.Kinesiological analysis and motor skill improvement of attacking sailing technique (doublehanded, multihanded) (4E)
5.Kinesiological analysis and motor skill improvement of jibing sailing technique (doublehanded, multihanded) (4E)
6.Kinesiological analysis and motor skill improvement of sailing sharply into the wind, reaching, with half-stern wind, stern wind (doublehanded, multihanded) (4E)
7.Kinesiological analysis and motor skill improvement of steering technique and tilt steering technique (doublehanded, multihanded) (2E)
8.Kinesiological analysis and motor skill improvement of spinnaker sailing (doublehanded, multihanded) (2E)
9.Kinesiological analysis and motor skill improvement of technical and tactical start elements, buoy No1, buoy No2, buoy No3, finishing buoy (doublehanded, multihanded) (2E)
10.Kinesiological analysis and motor skill improvement of regatta sailing in the Olympic triangle, match race sailing and navigational sailing (4E)
11.Regattas monitoring and the evaluation of the technical and tactical start elements efficiency, buoy turns, finishing in onehanded and multihanded sailboat (2E)
Learning outcomes:
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Prerequisit for:
Enrollment :
Passed : Water Sports
7. semester
Mandatory course - Regular smjer - Kinesiology in Education and Sailing
Consultations schedule: