September 12 - 15, 2024, Opatija, Croatia



In the ever-evolving landscape of scientific inquiry, a continual quest exists to delve deeper into the realms of knowledge within the vast field of kinesiology. This unceasing journey encompasses a multifaceted exploration of the latest research endeavors, theoretical advancements, and practical discoveries. 

At the heart of this collective endeavor lies an unwavering commitment to presenting the most cutting-edge information. Central to this pursuit is the dissemination of reports detailing novel scientific breakthroughs that have emerged from the depths of research laboratories. These groundbreaking discoveries may include, but are not limited to, the far-reaching implications of human genome research, the ingenious integration of state-of-the-art technologies into the study of kinesiology, and the transformation of educational paradigms to better equip future generations with the knowledge and skills to thrive in an increasingly active and health-conscious world. As the global population grapples with ever-evolving health challenges, the kinesiology community stands at the forefront of innovation, seeking to address these issues through evidence-based interventions and preventive measures proactively.

The overarching objective of the forthcoming Conference is to provide a platform for exchanging ideas and fostering collaboration among scholars and institutions. It seeks to catalyze the genesis of competitive projects that span the diverse tapestry of kinesiology. These projects, ranging from biomechanical studies to psychological analyses of athletic performance, are emblematic of the collective wisdom and determination of the kinesiology community. They represent a collaborative effort to unravel the mysteries of human movement and to channel this understanding into practical solutions that elevate human potential, foster well-being, and promote the pursuit of excellence across all facets of life. Additionally, the 2024 Conference is about to rumble with new discoveries in the field of Big Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence/Generative Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, and Virtual, and Augmented Reality, as these new approaches are already standard parts of everyday research in Kinesiology. 


• Adapted Physical Activity and Kinesitherapy – Editors: Lidija Petrinović, PhD, Tatjana Trošt Bobić, PhD

• Medicine of Sport and Exercise – Editors: Branka Matković, PhD, Lana Ružić, PhD, Maja Berković Cigrovski, PhD

• Biomechanics and Motor Control – Editors: Mario Kasović, PhD, Goran Marković, PhD, Saša Vuk, PhD, Pavle Mikulić, PhD

• Physical Education – Editors: Hrvoje Podnar, PhD, Dario Novak, PhD

• Sports Recreation – Editors: Danijel Jurakić, PhD, Marija Rakovac, PhD

• Top-level Sport – Editors: Sanja Šalaj, PhD, Daniel Bok, PhD, Dario Škegro, PhD, Igor Gruić, PhD

• Social Sciences and Humanities – Editors: Renata Barić, PhD, Zrinko Čustonja, PhD, Sunčica Bartoluci, PhD

• Physical Conditioning and Injury Prevention – Editors: Cvita Gregov, PhD, Igor Jukić, PhD, Luka Milanović, PhD

• Management of Sport – Editor: Sanela Škorić, PhD

• Research Methodologies, Data Science and Emerging Research Methods - Editor: Darko Katović, PhD


Given our history of previous conferences being successfully indexed within the Web of Science Core Collection (7th and 8th International Scientific Conference on Kinesiology), we are hopeful that the Proceedings of the 10th Conference will similarly be indexed in this reputable repository.

Our past experiences have demonstrated the quality and scholarly significance of our conference proceedings. The Web of Science Core Collection is renowned for its stringent criteria, which encompass factors such as academic rigor, relevance, and contribution to the field. This recognition reflects the substantive value and impact of the research presented at our conferences.

Furthermore, the inclusion of our 10th Conference Proceedings in the Web of Science Core Collection would further enhance the visibility and accessibility of the research contributions made by our conference participants. It would provide a global platform for researchers, scholars, and institutions to access and reference these valuable contributions in their own work, fostering the dissemination of knowledge and collaboration within the academic community.