University of Zagreb

Faculty of Kinesiology

International Relations Office


Phone: +385-1-3025-602

Working hours for students: 

Mondays, Wednsdays, Fridays 

11.00 - 13.30


International Relations Officer
Ms Natalija Babić, bacc.cin.
Phone: +385 1 30 25 602

ECTS coordinator
Associate Professor Maja Horvatin, PhD
Phone: +385 1 36 58 737


Coordinator for International Students 

Associate Professor Vjekoslav Cigrovski, PhD

Phone: 01/3025-602



The main tasks of the International Relations office at the Faculty of Kinesiology are: 

  • encouraging and carrying out all activities related to the inclusion of the Faculty into the network of European institutions of higher education in the field of kinesiology, that is, sports science;
  • including the Faculty in numerous European and international programmes (Ceepus, Erasmus+ etc.);
  • systematic maintaining of contacts with international associations of which the Faculty is a member and active participator in their work;
  • creating long-term, medium-term and short-term programmes of international collaboration of the Faculty and their direct realisation for the purpose of developing long-lasting partnerships with other international institutions of higher education in the form of international exchange of students and teachers, carrying out joint scientific projects, as well as producing and performing joint study programmes at all levels of study;
  • taking care of the international promotion of the Faculty and, in relation to this, the presentation and distribution of information publications (programmes, catalogues, leaflets, etc.) on study programmes, modules and courses which are organized and carried out at the Faculty of Kinesiology (in Croatian and especially in English);
  • making a financial plan and submitting a financial report on the work of the Office for International Cooperation, Protocol and Public Relations;
  • participating in international gatherings, workshops, conferences, and actively participating in the organization of international conferences organised by the Faculty;
  • systematic informing and education of the employees and students of the Faculty on available programmes of international collaboration;
  • accomplishing tasks related to referring students and teachers of the Faculty to international institutions of higher education, as well as those related to receiving foreign students and teachers at the Faculty of Kinesiology (direct contacts with international institutions of higher education, issuing and receiving official references and the necessary certificates on the time spent at the Faculty, that is, at an international institution of higher education, information on attended lectures, completed courses, obtained ECTS credits and other achieved results, etc.);
  • establishing a direct collaboration and offering the necessary assistance to organizers of international conferences and other scientific and professional gatherings (arranging the protocol of the formal opening and closing ceremonies at conferences, supplying equipment, getting in contact with invited lecturers and guests, etc.);
  • organizing and implementing the preliminary activities regarding the visits of international lecturers (writing letters of invitation, ensuring the appropriate lecture halls, writing and distributing invitations to lectures, booking and organizing the accommodation for lecturers during their stay in Zagreb);
  • keeping records on university teachers from abroad, particularly on visiting professors who collaborate with the Faculty;
  • keeping records on international students who are guests at our Faculty and offering them different kinds of assistance (information on the study requirements and their participation in lectures and research projects, helping them upon their arrival and during their stay at the Faculty, etc.);
  • daily checking of relevant websites, particularly those related to international collaboration, student and teacher exchange, awarding scholarships or international conferences, such as the following: Ministry of Science, University of Zagreb, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of European Integration, international associations of which the Faculty is a member, and timely informing those who are involved, those who are interested, as well as the Faculty authorities;
  • regular and timely announcement of the released scholarship contests, projects, exchanges, etc. - on the bulletin board, on the website, individually by e-mail, etc.;
  • assisting the employees and students of the Faculty in establishing contacts, finding the institutions and programmes for their specialisation, assistance in obtaining and filling out forms, defining their status in case of bilateral contracts, giving relevant instructions regarding travelling to certain countries and if needed, contacting Croatian embassies in individual countries where the students and the teachers travel to, etc.;