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The Faculty of Kinesiology is an academic, educational and research institution of higher education in the Republic of Croatia, one of the younger members of the University of Zagreb. The subject-matter core content of the old undergraduate baccalaureate and postgraduate Master's and Doctoral degrees, as well as of the new integral graduate university Master's and the postgraduate Doctoral degrees is kinesiology, a relatively young science. It is an empirical transdisciplinar general science field that uses primarily experimental approach in its comprehensive investigation of principles and regularities of human movement or physical activity and exercise, where humans are observed as integral bio-psycho-social beings. It also investigates the regularities of the management of the systematic, goal-oriented exercise and training processes, which include systematic motor learning, exercising and mastering of motor skills and knowledge, in the domains of physical education, sport, physical recreation and kinesitherapy. Further, it is focused on determining and modelling the influence and contribution of the programmed exercise and sporting activities in any consequent, expected and planned, changes in human psychosomatic and social status.


From the very beginning the Faculty has accepted, encouraged and advocated for the orientation that the mission of the higher education institutions is manifested in the symbiosis of educational (professional training) and elite research work. Graduated kinesiologists, with the professional title of teachers of PE, and future masters of kinesiology, with the professional title of Master of Kinesiology in Education, actualize their knowledge and skills by performing all forms of teaching in the educational system of the Republic of Croatia, from the pre-school level to the higher education level. Within the area of competitive sports they manage sports activities for selected groups of children, teenagers and adult athletes. They also organize physical recreation for youngsters and adults and implement kinesitherapeutic procedures as well as sports programmes for disabled persons. They are qualified to establish scientifically the process of exercising and to assess the expected kinesiological effects produced in physical education teaching, as well as the training effects  reflected in improvements of sport performance and achievements. They are also qualified to discuss the health-related issues with regard to the underpinning well-being benefits in the participants of kinesiological (sporting) activities.



Modern research methodology and sophisticated technology, utilized in the analyses, design and evaluation of the exercise processes, are the foundations of  research and scientific work, which makes the Faculty the central and leading Croatian institution in the domain of kinesiology. Research interests are focused on the enrichment of the kinesiological body of knowledge and insights into the numerous factors influencing the management of the exercise programmes in schools, sport, recreation and rehabilitation. Identification, assessment and evaluation of changes in the space of human characteristics, abilities and motor knowledge and skills, induced by the managed, goal-oriented processes of exercising, are executed from the versatile biological, psychological, social, educational, philosophic, ethical, economical, and cultural aspects. These changes are induced, observed and analysed from the cellular level to the widest socio - cultural levels.


Faculty of Kinesiology, promo documentary movie


Faculty of Kinesiology, promo documentary movie
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